Hello everybody!
On this page our students write about themselves.We hope you enjoy it.
We are the students of grade 4

This picture we did in the carnival, this year the focus of our school carnival was biodiversity.
Hello! my name is Clara, I´m 10 year old.I live in Spain,my school is: Enrique Granados,I like fruits,ice creams,spaguetti and pizza,but i don´t like hamburguer with lettuce,my favorites subjects are:English,P.E,Music and Art.I like my friends,my best friend is Estrella,I love my family, i´ve got two brothers and one sister,i´m the oldest.I like to play with my friends,play computers,waching TV and dance music,i love my school and it is fantastic!! Bye,bye.
I´m Paola. I´m 9 years old.
I´ve got brown eyes and brown long hair . I like to run and write but I don´t like to dance.I live with my mum, dad, sister, and granpa. My sister is beautifull. My subjets favourite are:P.E. and Language.In my school I play football, play console and make homeworks.I live in Madrid (Spain).I come from Ecuador GOOD BYE!

My name is Desiree, I´m 10 years old. I´m in 4 of primary. I´ ve got brown big eyes and log hair.
I like Art,chocolate and pizza but I don´t like fish and tomates.
I play basketball wiht my firends : Ana y Maria in the park. I live in Madrid and I come from Spain.
My favorite subjets are : language, P.E and english, i love my school.

Hello i am David i´m 10 years old. My colour favorite is red.I like sausages and chocolate ,i don like fish.
i´m is 4º primary.
I´ve got brocen hair.I live im Madrid i come from Madrid.

My name is Paco I´m 11years old i´ ve got broun eyes and and hair.
I like pasta.
I dont like fish and vegetables.
I play football and I like Cristiano Ronaldo.
I live in Madrid and I come fron Spain.

Hello my name is Cristian.
I' have got 10 years old.
I like play computer, play PSP and play football.
My school is Enrique Ganados I like play with my friends!
My colour favorite is red.

I am Estrella .I´ m 9 years old. I´m in 4º of Primary.I´ve got brown eyes and hair.
I like all my subjects.I like milk with biscuits.I watch TV and play with my mum and my friends.I live in Madrid.

My name is Ana i´m 10 years old, and blond eyes my hair is blond and curli is middling stature and small nose .
Hello my name is Youssef i come from maroco i have two brothers i studi to much i like chips and fish my favorite player
futbool is Cristiano Ronaldo is from portugal and i like futbool i like hamburger and pizza and my friend is Paco.

My name is Carmen , I ´ m ten years old . My school is Enrique Granados . My hobby´s are : play football, Jump to skipngompe and go to park , play with dogs , play computer . I ´ don´t like cheese and fish . My favorite subjects are art and P.E.
I´m Nacho. I´m 9 years old. My school is Enrique Granados. My hobby is play football. My favorite subjects are P.E.
I like chips, pizza, hamburgers,and I have got a dog.