I'm Vlaho-Josip Štironja, but all call me Vlaho. I'm 11 years old.
My favorite sports are football and handball. My favorite food is: pizza and spaghetti.My favourite football clubs are Barcelona and Atletico Madrid, of course. My favourite players are Aguero (Atletico Madrid),Diego Milito (Inter) and Messi (Barcelona). My best friends are Tomislav, Bruno, Martin, Patrik and Eugen.

My name's Dino. I'm 11 years old. I am in class 5b and my favourite school subjects are ICT and English. I am tall. I have got short dark hair and brown eyes. My favourite hobby is rollerblading. My favorite book is „Čvrsto drži joy-stick!”. My favorite film is High School Musical. I have got two gold fish. I have got a sister. Her name's Tea. She's 6 years old. My favourite colours are orange and blue. My favourite food is pizza.

My name is Lea. I'm from Croatia. I've got long brown hair and brown eyes.My favourite teacher is Senka Pleše and my favourite subject is Art. My favourite book is Bum Tomica, my favorite singer is Ivan Zak and my favourite pop group is baruni. My mobile phone is Nokia 2630.

Hi, my name is Eugen. I'm eleven years old and I'm from Croatia. I have one brother and a sister. My brother's name is Fran and he is four years old. My sister is Ema. She is ten. My parents are Mirela and Ivica. they are very, very funny. I love my family. My favourite films are Triplex and Gone in Sixty Seconds. My favourite cartoon is Tom and Jerry.

My name is Valentina Valjak. My mum is Julijana. My dad is Đuro. I've got 4 sisters: Lucija, Ana, Ivana and Josipa. I've got two brothers, too, Kristijan and Domagoj.
I am tall and slim. I've got long brown hair. I've got blue eyes. I haven't got glasses. My favourite clothes are jumpers and skirts. My favourite colour is green. My favourite food is chicken. My favourite friend is Ana Valičević. I have very funny friends.

I am Monika Marjanović. I am 12 years old. I live in Mali Raven. I was born on 23 May 1998. I have one brother. His name is Robert and he is 18 years old. My best friend is Monika Mikadi. My hobby is watching TV and listening to music. My favourite subjects are Art and Music. My favourite teachers are Senka Pleše and Jadranka Crnić. I have one dog and one cat.

I'm Monika. I have long brown hair and I'm slim. I have blue eyes. I love listening to music, mostly pop and rock. I have two brothers, Danijel and Marko. I have pets - cats, dogs and an aquarium with fish. When I go to school in the morning I wake up at quarter past six. M y favourite subject is Art. I love going to school.

Hi! I'm Marija Arki. I'm from Croatia and I live in Srednji Dubovec. I'm in class 5b. I've got long blond hair and blue eyes. I'm not very tall. I've got mum, dad, brother and sister.My mum's name is Vesna, my Dad's name is Božidar, my sister's name is Antonela and my brother's name is Josip. My family is very good. I've got one dog, his name is Rex and he is very friendly. My best teacher is Stela Švehler. My best friends are Linda, Ivana, Marinela, Lucija, Silvija...

I'm Silvija Navoj. I'm 11 years old and I have two sisters, Nives and Patricia. Snježana nad Stjepan are my mum and dad. I am in class 5b. I play the piano, it is difficult. My best friends are Marija, Lucija, Katarina, Ana-Marija and Matija. I'm tall. I have got long brown hair. I'm not very fit. I have got glasses, but I don't wear them.

Hi, I'm Marinela Fureš. I like English. I 'm eleven. I have a brother. His name is Matej. He is nine and he likes English, too. I go to musical school Albert Štriga Križevci . I sing in little choir. Croatia is very nice. I live in Bojnikovec, it's a village near Križevci. Bye, bye!

Hello! My name's Ivana Jelušić. I'm 11. I'm from Croatia. I've got one brother and one sister. My brother's name is Marko and he's 5 years old. My sister's name is Sara and she's 7 years old. I've got mum and dad, too. Their names are Natalija and Siniša. They are very good parents. I've got a cat. His name is Miki.