If you come here, dear friend, on this side of mountains, maybe you will find the city of my heart...You will recognize it easily because it has Byzantine cupola suppoerted on aged shoulders of the mountains. It`s a deep charm and twilighter effects in this spaces, where the horizon always sparkles.
Stay here to marvel!
When the sun lights up and the light embraces the land, you can puzzled ask yourself: "what the infinity wants to warp in the blue mirage?!". You will not know where to step on because of so many splendours...
Stop yourself in glades with hits of buds, pick up beads of dew, hear chirp of silences, hide you in the charm of fragrances and you will hear the purest song between earth and sky.
Walk yourself through this forests, learn to be eternal like them and know that trees assembled here to be one with other. Indispensable you must have the cell of soul open for fill it with nectar and take your time as much as you can to watch the time in the eyes under the eyelids of a fir.
Hurry your step and put azure in your pupils to see what it can not be seen, and than transform yourself in a dew drop which laughs in a petal of a flower or in a thread of sun which it thrust its gold in the land.
Than you will want to become human again to build a window in your soul to see through it: what needs have humans to share them light and desire to live.
If you long for me...look for me on the thershold of a school..."School No1 Brezoi" which on every september waits "the child" to open him the door of life and than other thousands and thousands doors with locked up gates.
I am here to teach "the child" to dare to dream that he can put his head on a star; all means to know how he can keep his mind clear and his judgement right, learning that the soul must believe himself in flowers, in birds, in seasons, in history, in me, in him, in God...
I`m waiting you, lovely friend, to learn what I learned: to look up in the sky and to stay on the threshold!